Our Team


LOCAL GUIDE: I started surfing in the 9th grade, after 2 months of surfing I knew I was waisting my time with school, I was way better at surfing than I was a student.  I practice surfing everday and study english. I love to meet new people and other surfers. I wish I would have started earlier.


LOCAL GUIDE: I have been surfing for 2yrs, what motivated me to start was a group of Americans surfing in Masachapa, I was watching them and felt curious as to why they looked so happy. They then asked me about where they could find bigger waves and asked me questions about the current. I took them to a near by beach where and I started to give it a try.  I worked and saved enough money to buy a board. I have been surfing for 2yrs it has become a great lift of life for me.


LOCAL GUIDE: My name is Rene Timpanaro I am 18yrs old and I am one of the surfers from Masachapa. I started to surf for the fun of it but understand for me surfing has become more than a sport it is a way of life. The feeling I have for surfing is very emotional something I can't explain, when I'm in the waves I feel a sensation that can only be compared to sex. This is the only way I can try to explain it. I have only been surfing for 2yrs and I have alot to learn but I have set my goal to become the best. I know there is a danger in surfing big waves, every time I escape that danger I look for a bigger one. In other words "Surfing is my life"


LOCAL GUIDE: My name is Aly Manuel Cruz, I first started to surf when I was in the 10th grade of high school, I stopped playing soccer and just wanted to surf. I used to just wait for a good wave and try not to fall. Surfing has become a big part of my life I could not live without it. My dream is to become a great surfer in fact surfing has helped to arrange my mind from the negative noise in my neighborhood. I always pray that God will help me reach my dreams. For me "Surfing is a flash of hope"